Marketology is an alliance of four promotional companies linked together under one roof and managed by a unique marketing system.

Working together gives us an edge in creating products, services and campaigns for small businesses, organizations, professionals, individuals and families.

Our unique business model and system includes: SignsCiti Inc., Marketology Inc. and Tradition & Trust Branding System.

SignsCiti is a full service sign business that provides any type of signage, indoor or outdoor, that our clients need to promote their business.

Our mission is “Better Promotions . . . Better Results.”

Marketology Advertising
Since 1976, Marketology has created memorable advertising campaigns, graphics and web designs for leading businesses in the New York are including banks, law firms, medical facilities, insurance companies, retailers, specialty foocompanies and more.

Our mission is to create advertising and graphics that work.

Tradition & Trust Branding System
This Pre-Need, At-Need and Pre-Need At-Need Branding System is successfully implemented by many family owned and operated funeral homes in NY and NJ. All materials are customized to each funeral home's particular marketplace. You too can take advantageof this proven Pre-Need, At-Need and Pre-Need At-Need Branding System in your area.