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Jun 282014

Could the digital dust be ready to settle? After the explosion of mobile and social media during the past two years, 2014 is shaping up to be a year of recovery, reaction, and backlash.

Marketers, media, and agency pros see some of the past trends—the mobile shakeup, evolution of content marketing, and launch of programmatic ad buying systems, among them—reaching a more mature stage next year. Some of their predictions for 2014 are the natural progression of past trends; others are a reaction.

Also setting the stage, Zenith Optimedia projects media spending worldwide will grow a healthy 5.1 percent in 2014 as the ongoing Eurozone recovery stops depressing media spending worldwide. Meanwhile, the Winter Olympics and the World Cup will add fuel to the global marketing engines. And in the U.S., the year kicks off with the annual marketing carnival of the Super Bowl, this year occurring within driving distance of Madison Avenue.

In the middle of everything, consumers will begin rebelling against the excess of electronic connection in their lives, and marketers will begin dealing with the deluge of data without human connection that has accumulated in recent years. The result will lead to a focus on personal interactions, qualitative research, and a pushback against regulations that hinder progress.

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